About Us

We are importers and distributors of authetic Italian food&wine to the food service and retail industry in the UK

Italicatessen UK Ltd was established in 2017 with the acquisition of Villanova Food Ltd, a small size food distributor founded in 2005 specialized in providing retailers in the UK with fine Italian quality food products. Over the years, the company built a solid and widely recognized reputation in the UK and became a reference for Italian Organic Products in the region.
Thanks to our in-depht product knowledge and rooted relationships with key players in the industry, we are now leading importers and distributors of quality Italian food and wine to both the food service and retail sectors.
Our team of food&wine consultants provide pre and post sales service, helping our customers select and sell the best products to grow their business.

Our warehouse in Brentford

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers in the UK with top quality Italian food and wines. We source only the best products from carefully selected suppliers who share our etical values and principles. Thanks to our extensive range, we are able to supply every kind of business and provide them with the right products and the level of service that every different business requires.
Our modern warehouse has ambient and chilled storage.
Thanks to our own fleet of vans we offer a vast delivery across the country. Our ever-expanding fleet of refrigerated vehicles ensures that our premium fresh products can be delivered to our customers directly, without any loss in quality

Promoting Italian high quality food
...from field to consumer.

Our Bond with Italy

We are part of an international group operating in the food distribution, agri-food and tourism sector in the UK, Ireland and Italy.

Our sister company Italicatessen Ltd is Ireland's leading distributor of authentic Italian food and wine, providing our Irish customers with top quality products and superior customer service.

Peq Agri is a farming and trasforming business based in Liguria, in the North West of Italy, part of our International group. Peq Agri's main goal and mission is to promote the territory and natural produce, respecting the environment and nature. The company operates in different agricultural activities spread across Liguria region, including the production of wines, extra virgin olive oil and organic fruit and vegetables. Peq Agri operates in the hospitality sector as well with a property Agri Resort and Restaurant located in the beautiful hinterland of Finale Ligure (Savona) and surrounded by nature, where our customers can enjoy the tranquillity of an hidden gem immerse in greenery.

Peq Agri vineyards in Cervo, Liguria